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Welcome to the Tonbridge Angels archive. This page is under construction.


Match Results by Season (First Team)
A statistical season-by-season record of the club's history. 

Southern League
1948/4920th/224297265410525  Res

1949/5013th/2446161218657644  Res3rds 
1950/5111th/2344161216798744  Res  
1951/5216th/224215621638436  Res  
1952/5316th/224212921628833  Res  
1953/5418th/224215918859139  Res  
1954/5519th/224211823689130  Res  
1955/5620th/2242111120537433  Res  
1956/5715th/2242141216746540  Res  
1957/5818th/2242137227710033  Res   
Southern League South Eastern Zone
1958/5911th/173214315515931  Res  
Southern League Premier Division
1959/6013th/224216818797340  Res  
1960/6116th/224216620798538  Res  
1961/6219th/2242101418719234  Res  
Southern League First Division
1962/635th/20382288815152  Res  
1963/644th/224224117985459  Res  
Southern League Premier Division
1964/6516th/2242101616667536  Res
1965/6621st/2242116256310128  Res  
Southern League First Division
1966/679th/2446211015916952  Res  
1967/6810th/224218915767145  Res  
1968/6922nd/224226343613710  Res  
1970/7117th/20388822488324  Res  
Southern League First Division South
1971/726th/16301299373433  Res  
1972/732nd/22422679704459  Res  
Southern League Premier Division
1973/7415th/2242121515384539  Res  
1974/7518th/2242111219446634  Res  
1975/7620th/2242111120457033  Res  
Southern League First Division South
1976/7714th/18349916335027  Res  
1977/7814th/203813520647731  Res  
1978/7914th/2140151015434740  Res  
Southern League Southern Division
Kent League Division One
1992/931st/214027941073990  Res  
Southern League Southern Division
1993/9411th/224219518596262Apps Res  
1994/9512th/2242141216748754  Res  
1995/9618th/2242131019587949  Res  
1996/978th/2242171510564466  Res  
1997/9814th/2242141018495552  Res  
1998/9916th/2242121515485951Apps Res  
Southern League Eastern Division
1999/20007th/2242201012826070Apps Res  
2000/01 (Table)8th/2242181113795865AppsCupsResYthFriendlies
2001/02 (Table)19th/224213623658045AppsCups / NewsResU19 / YthFriendlies
2002/03 (Table)9th/2242201111715571AppsCups / NewsResU19 / YthFriendlies
2003/04 (Table)3rd/22422778824688AppsCups / NewsResU19 / YthFriendlies
Isthmian League Premier Division
2004/05 (Table)20th/2242111021477343AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
Isthmian League Division One
2005/06 (Table)3rd/234424812714880AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
Isthmian League Premier Division 
2006/07 (Table)11th/224220418747264AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2007/08 (Table)8th/2242171213775763AppsNewsRes Friendlies
2008/09 (Table)3rd/224220139825473AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2009/10 (Table)8th/224218816696762AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2010/11 (Table)2nd/2242221010714576AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
Football Conference South
2011/12 (Table)9th/2242151215706757AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2012/13 (Table)16th/2242121218567748AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2013/14 (Table)21st/224291320437740AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
Isthmian League Premier Division
2014/15 (Table)20th/2446131320636752AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2015/16 (Table)4th/244624139904985AppsNewsResYthFriendlies
2016/17 (Table)6th/2446211114665574AppsNewsResU18Friendlies
2017/18 (Table)11th/244619720586364AppsNewsResU18Friendlies
2018/19 (Table)4th/224221714594670AppsNewsU23U18, U19, LadiesFriendlies
National League South
2019/20 (Table) *319913465436AppsNews

The 250 club
Click here for profiles of the 26 players to make 250 or more appearances for Tonbridge FC and Tonbridge Angels.

Click here for profiles of every full-time manager of Tonbridge FC and Tonbridge Angels since 1948.

Players' A-Z (First Team)
A complete record of every player to have represented Tonbridge FC and Tonbridge Angels in first-team competitive matches, and their playing record.


Up There Cazaly! 
The original magazine by Wink Tomkinson featured famous moments from the club's history and was available in print form. The format is now digital only and has now been rebooted to documenting a season by season history of the Angels.

Up There Cazaly! 1 - Season 1948-49
Up There Cazaly! 2 - Season 1949-50
Up There Cazaly! 3 - Season 1950-51
Up There Cazaly! 4 - Season 1951-52

Up There Cazaly! Issue 1 - Season 1974-75, featuring the Kent Senior Cup Final v Maidstone United
Up There Cazaly! Issue 2 - Season 2010-11, featuring the Ryman League Play-Off Final v Lowestoft Town
Up There Cazaly! Issue 3 - Season 1972-73, featuring the FA Cup First Round Proper v Charlton Athletic
Up There Cazaly! Issue 4 - Season 1991-92, featuring the FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round v Yeovil Town
Up There Cazaly! Issue 5 - Season 2016-17, featuring the FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round v Hereford

A pictorial magazine produced by Neil and *** Ingrams from 1996 to 2000 featuring action photos from most matches along with interviews with players and supporters.

Fotoball 1996/97 Issue 1
Fotoball 1996/97 Issue 2
Fotoball 1997/98 Issue 1
Fotoball 1997/98 Issue 2
Fotoball 1999/2000 Issue 1
Fotoball 1999/2000 Issue 2
Fotoball 1999/2000 Issue 3

In the early years club handbooks were regularly produced, and we have been to get our hands on a few. They are digitised here for the first time.

Tonbridge FC Club Handbook 1959-60
Tonbridge FC Club Handbook 1971-72
Simply The Best: The Kent League Years 1989-1993

Editor's Foot
During the 'boom years' of fanzines every club had one, and Tonbridge were no different. 

Editor's Foot Issue 1
Editor's Foot Issue 2
Editor's Foot Issue 3
Editor's Foot Issue 4
Editor's Foot Issue 5
Editor's Foot Issue 6
Editor's Foot Issue 7

Published Thursday 7th November 2019 (last updated Tuesday 23rd August 2022)