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Volunteer Pool

At the recent Share with the Chair, it was suggested that we create a pool of volunteers at the club to allow fans to contribute their time to Tonbridge Angels on an adhoc basis.

We fully recognise there are many people who want to help but can’t commit every week due to their busy lives.

With the creation of a volunteer pool, we will be able to communicate to those who join exactly what help is needed, as and when required.

Jobs could include performing a bar shift, helping to sell programmes or draw tickets on a match day, helping with ground maintenance or assisting office administration and club shop sales.

As a 100% fan owned club we have so much goodwill and so many supporters with a wide range of expertise and we would be very grateful for your help.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer pool, please contact club director, geoff.curtis@tonbridgeangels.co.uk 

Published Sunday 14th January 2024