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Give the Gift of Angels Ownership this Christmas

Make it happen for a friend or family member

If you’re struggling to think of a present or stocking filler for your friends and family this Christmas, why not consider giving them a share in your favourite football club – Tonbridge Angels!

Benefits include:

  • Personalised Owner Certificate
  • Exclusive owner’s badge and membership card
  • Discounts at the Club Shop
  • Priority booking in the event of all ticket matches
  • Complementary Tonbridge Loyalty Card
  • Weekly emails detailing all the latest news relating to Tonbridge Angels

As an owner they will have the right to:

  • Vote on important decisions affecting the club
  • Elect new board members each year
  • Stand for election to the board

The cost is just £25 per annum for an adult and £10 per annum for a junior (under 16). When you become a shareholder there is only a liability of £1.

Please contact Ian Clear via ownership@tonbridgeangels .co.uk to arrange the gift to a friend or family member.

Published Wednesday 20th November 2019 (last updated Sunday 15th December 2019)