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Tonbridge Angels 2
Robson (60', 113')
2 Bedford Town
Parsons (60'), Franklin (91')

Tonbridge will have replay

After two hours fast and entertaining football on Wednesday, Tonbridge and Bedford have yet to decide who shall enter the next round of the Southern League Cup.

With the score at one goal each at the end of the normal period they added a further goal apiece during the half hour extra time with the teams still fighting as keenly as they had at the beginning, In fact, as time proceeded, Tonbridge seemed to improve, their speed increased and their combination was better. Chances went astray on both sides, but that could hardly be wondered at in view of the gusty wind which blew down the field.

Tracey, originally signed as centre-forward for the Tonbridge Kent League side, was a bustling leader in this match and showed fine co-operation with Robson, a player with a similar temperament. Griffiths and Dickie, on the wings, had a fine turn of speed, but had difficulty at times in getting round the steady Bedford defence.

Brought in at centre-half in place of the injured Shanks, Duffield, normally right-back, showed a certain hesitancy in tackling and at times his kicking was not as clean as he would have liked, but he got through a vast amount of work with the assistance of Richley and Fleming. Behind them Stephens kicked well and truly and Holdman, the Weald amateur, playing his first match for the club, made a brave show although obviously lacking in experience. Lucas, in goal, was as steady as ever. His counterpart, Coleman, brought off some fine saves, including a penalty taken for hands by Robson.

Smith and Franklin - a player brought in at the last minute - were a thrustful left wing for Bedford, but Parsons did not make the most of the opportunities they presented to him, although he scored the first goal of the match with a beautiful header from Smith's centre. For long periods Tonbridge were in the attack but the ball went anywhere but in the goal until after a quarter of an hour of the second half when a nice movement between Griffiths and Dickie enabled Robson to equalise.

A ding-dong struggle ensued, the ball travelling from end to end with great speed, but neither side could find the net despite their earnest endeavours.

Extra time had only been in progress for one minute when Franklin streaked down the left wing and sent in a curling shot which had Lucas unsighted and Bedford held this one goal lead until midway through the last playing period. Then the Griffiths-Tracey-Robson combination came into full effect and the latter scored.

It was a game that was full of incident and thrills and at times brought the large number of spectators to their toes.

From the Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 27th August 1948.

Bedford team: Coleman SC, Craddock R, Sharpe, Campbell, Boyle, Hutton, Ball, Feasey K, Parsons R, Smith, Franklin C.

Published Tuesday 2nd June 2020