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Tonbridge Angels 0
1 Dartford
Osman (60')

There is no doubt that Tonbridge were unlucky to lose in their Southern League match against Dartford at the Angel Ground on Saturday, but to a certain extent they were to blame through their lack of cohesion.

Whilst as individuals the players did well, as a team they were somewhat lacking, and their inability to maintain their proper positions had much to do with this.

Griffiths was probably the worst offender in thsi respect and not infrequently was found far from his proper position at outside left. This would have been excusable if his place had been taken for the time being by another player in the normal exchange routine but this was not so and consequently there was much unnecessary running about to cover such slips as this.

Then again Robson and Tracey seemed to be the only forwards with any idea of attack and they found it impossible to force their way through a stiff defence without assistance. Chapman was invariably too far back, and Dickie, at times, while making many speedy dashes down the wing, failed to keep up with the game when needed most.

Fleming and Richley again put in a lot of hard work in the half-back line, and Duffield was much better in the centre half position than he was in the previous match. He had to watch Russell pretty closely, once out of Duffield's orbit there was nothing much he could do about it. It was through making the most of this that Dartford scored the winning goal after a quarter of an hour in the second half when Osman found the net.

Holdman, playing his second Southern League game, gave a much improved performance at right back and was a worthy partner for Stephens. They were opposed by two tricky wingers in Osman, formerly with Bristol City, and Goddard. Undoubtedly the schemer of the Dartford team was Welsh International Turner, at centre half, who, because of his size had an easy task in suppressing Tracey.

Yet, though Tonbridge lost, they gave quite a good account of themselves-as individuals. It is essential though that they formulate a plan of campaign as a team.

From the Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 3rd September, 1948. 

Dartford team: Letham, Hutton, Stratton, Fullbrook, Turner, Gee, Goddard, Walker, Russell, Etherton, Osman

Published Tuesday 2nd June 2020 (last updated Wednesday 31st March 2021)