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Angels 75th Anniversary Shirt

75th Anniversary Home Shirt Offer

Be part of our history

Following the announcement of our exciting new clothing partnership with Hope + Glory we are giving supporters the unique opportunity to have your name incorporated into the bespoke design of next season's 75th anniversary home shirt.

The offer is open to all fans who buy a shirt via Ticketco by the 30th April.

The shirt design is yet to be finalised and will be made by *Ecokit but here is a visual to show you the way we intend to incorporate your name in the design of the back of the shirt tail.

Adult shirts £45.00 Junior £38.50

Plus £2.25 admin charge

Go here to place your order. 

Go here to see Hope + Glory's sizing Guide.  This is important to avoid disappointment.    

* What is Ecokit? We want to play our part in helping to protect the planet.   Every shirt is manufactured using a piece of fabric made from the equivalent of approximately 16 plastic bottles

Ecokit by Hope + Glory - our friendly bespoke kits.      



Published Wednesday 5th April 2023