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Angels' Investor Proposal

Longmead with artificial pitch

The club seeks 20 Angels' Investors to provide a short term 5 year loan for our 3G FIFA Quality Pro surface

The club is about to embark on its biggest development in over 40 years as it prepares to replace its grass pitch with a 3G FIFA Quality Pro surface to provide the financial sustainability required to continue to move the club forward on different fronts. 

The overall budget for the new surface is £700k of which £300k will be met by grants leaving £400k to be raised through private investment namely Angels' Investors.  We are seeking 20 persons to invest £20k each into the club as a short term 5 year loan with an interest rate return better than any high street bank is currently offering.  Apart from the new surface, the investment will also provide new Dug Outs, new goals to provide for 11-a-side and 5-a-side configurations, replacing floodlights using energy efficient and pollution reducing lighting and most crucially, a new income stream for the club which will go towards a sustainable future.  

By providing a financially sustainable business model with vastly increased use of the stadium , not only does the 1st team have the potential to progress, but the club is able to nurture and develop young talent through its 'footballing pathway', there is a community amenity for Tonbridge & Malling BC area, and there can be the introduction of girl's, women's, disabled and walking football teams.  The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium becomes a sporting hub for the community.

So aside from being part of a seismic change for the better in the way our club will be run, there will be other benefits for you should you chose to become an Angels' investor.  As already mentioned you will receive an above rate of interest on your investment which will be fully repaid over 5 years.  There will be exclusive access to the 1948 VIP Club Suite for the duration of your investment and you will be granted Grandee (Lifetime) Ownership status.  There will be twice yearly exclusive dinner events with the Board and team management, you will be acknowledged on our Angel Investor board within the 1948 VIP suite and finally, investors will receive a signed and framed first team shirt.

Want to know more? Then please click here for a detailed copy of the prospectus which includes project costs and funding together with projected income and expenditure.  Also if you are an Owner don't forget there is an informal meeting to discuss the project on Thursday 24th February (7:30pm) in the Angels Marquee.  You will need to book ahead on the ticket selling portal, the link for which was sent to you on 4th February, and bring your Owners membership card with you.  Of course if you are not an Owner or your Ownership has lapsed then please get in touch with ian.clear@tonbridgeangels.co.uk  as soon as possible so that you can be involved in the evening.    

If you want to become an Angels' Investor or just have more questions then please get in touch with Director Phil Broad who is leading the project on behalf of the club and the Board. Phil can be reached by emailing phil.broad@tonbridgeangels.co.uk or by calling 07962018120 .                                  

Published Monday 14th February 2022 (last updated Tuesday 15th February 2022)