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Angels Owners Committee is Up and Running

The hard work begins!

Following our appeal for Owners to join a new committee to serve as a direct link between Owners and the Board and to provide support to Directors the club is very pleased to announce that this has now been set up and is already hard at work in particular on ideas for fundraising, events, and the mobilisation and organisation of new and existing volunteers in different areas.

Committee Members are as follows :- Kathryn Bell, Debbie Couldridge, Tim Ewer, Craig Knowles, Andy Matthews, Wink Tomkinson,  Sarah-Jane Wallace, Dom Welsh. 

If you have suggestions or comments in any area of the club’s operations then please feel free to contact the Committee which in the first instance should be wink.tomkinson@tonbridgeangels.co.uk  

The club would like to thank those Owners who have stepped forward to form the Committee in what will become a vital element in how the club is run.

Published Friday 14th May 2021