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Angels' Physios are Staying


The lady and gentleman with the magic sponges and of course a lot more besides

Described by Tonbridge Boss, Steve McKimm as ‘my biggest signings of the summer’ and that’s no disrespect to any of the players who have put pen to paper in the last few weeks, both Melvin Slight and Tina Jenner have agreed to stay with the Angels to continue to treat and rehabilitate players who are unfortunate enough to sustain injury.

Over the past years many an Angels player has had reason to be incredibly grateful to both ‘Melv’ and Tina for the work both physically and mentally they have carried out in restoring full playing fitness.

Said McKimm: “I’m so pleased that Melvin and his assistant Tina have agreed to stay with us as they perform an almost irreplaceable service to the players of this club.”

Published Monday 27th May 2019 (last updated Wednesday 29th May 2019)