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Angels players receive Antibody testing

Antigen testing 9th January

The fight against Covid-19 continues

Angels players are more than used to fitness testing, but what faced them at the K Sports ground before today’s (9th January) scheduled training was a very different kind of test. 

With the exponential increase in Covid-19 cases right across the country, and with Tonbridge Angels locked into “Elite Sport” status and therefore obligated by the National League to carry on playing, the club felt it was morally bound within a duty of care to its players and coaches to carry out antibody testing which has a 97% accuracy test. 

The testing will indicate whether players and coaches have had Covid-19.

Commented Angels Chairman, Dave Netherstreet, :  “This in no way compares with the kind of high level testing that exists at Premier League level, but may at least go some way to help us in managing the prevention of a Covid-19 outbreak at our club.  The club has linked up with GPD Ltd to see if we can carry out regular testing of players before every game.  Unfortunately, the cost is way beyond the financial means of a club at our level despite the fact that we have to keep on playing.  The method of testing is termed lateral flow which provides a reading within 15 to 20 minutes although it does not have the same accuracy percentage as other tests.  

“I am very concerned for everyone associated with the club and I must ask that if you do not have to come to the ground, please stay at home.  If you do come to the ground, face coverings have to be worn and if you don’t feel well then don’t come.

“Remember, wear a face covering, keep a safe distance and always wash and sanitise your hands.

Today’s testing was organised by Global Pharma Direct.

Our picture shows Angels Manager, Steve McKimm stepping forward for his test. 

Published Saturday 9th January 2021 (last updated Monday 11th January 2021)