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Angels vote to Suspend 2020/21 Season

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Resolutions submitted

The Board of Tonbridge Angels has voted to allow clubs in National League and National North and South to determine the future of their own Step 1 and 2 campaigns for the current season.  

In this respect Angels have voted in favour of ending National North and South competitions and all those League results be expunged.  This is after seeking the thoughts of owners and the Board is tremendously grateful for their input. 

It is not clear when the results of the voting will be announced but it could be as early as next week.

At this point the Board would also want to say sincere thanks to Steve McKimm, Barry Moore, Coaches, Physio and Kit Teams as well at the entire playing staff who have been living through an extraordinary period of uncertainty which has in no way been of their making.  

The club has made it clear to the League that in view of the uncertainty together with financial and safety issues that we would rather not play this Saturday (6th February) or indeed until such time that all these matters receive more clarity not least the results of the vote by clubs.

It may be that the National League has bigger agendas than the wellbeing of its member clubs to consider and if so then we would like it to share those agendas so we can better understand why it appears they are insistent on all clubs playing this Saturday.

So far there has been no official response from the League with respect to any club indicating that it will not play on Saturday but what we do know is that sanctions for refusing to play a fixture can be very severe. If those sanctions are to be imposed then the Board considers it would have no choice but to host our very good friends from Hampton & Richmond Borough this Saturday.  

Published Thursday 4th February 2021 (last updated Saturday 6th February 2021)