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Anyone for Coffee!

Upz and Downz Coffee shop at Longmead

Upz and Downz café open for business at Longmead

A new coffee shop has opened in an area of Tonbridge where hitherto such a facility was non-existent.  

Based outside Tonbridge Angels FC ground, Longmead, TN10 3JF, it will surely become a welcome refreshment stop for dog walkers and other users of the nearby playing fields,  playpark and local authority re-cycling facility.  

The café is run by Upz and Downz an organisation that provides life skills for young people with learning disabilities. The café is open on a daily basis for not only coffee of course but also flavoured teas, hot chocolates, chilled drinks and babychinos.  To quell those hunger pangs there are ice creams, crisps, pastries and other various snacks.  

Dogs are welcome as you place your order and of course can stay with you as you make use of the outside area while you enjoy your refreshments and there's even a doggy bowl! The brilliant staff and their co-workers (students at Upz and Downz) will give you all a fantastic welcome.

There are public toilets in the building that anyone is welcome to use when the café is open.

Opening hours are 

Monday - Friday: 8.45am - 4.45pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8.45am - 4pm


Published Saturday 23rd July 2022 (last updated Monday 25th July 2022)