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Branding Survey

Tonbridge Angels FC Badge

How do you feel about Angels branding and identity?

Tonbridge Angels FC is undertaking a survey amongst its supporters to understand how people feel about the club badge, the identity of the club and how it markets itself.  The evolution of life determines that our fan base is changing and what seemed the right thing to be doing just 20 years ago is now in 2023 arguably somewhat out dated.  Against that, TAFC has a proud and interesting heritage and alongside the desire to modernise, it's important we don't lose that which is unique to the club and makes it special.   

Although a number of the survey forms were handed out at last Saturday's game vs Ebbsfleet Utd, because of the size of the crowd we couldn't reach everybody.

If you have not already completed the survey could we please ask that you help us by completing the attached via Google forms.  Please go here.     

Also it would be tremendously helpful if you could indicate in the space provided whether you could participate in some listening sessions on line during week March 20th - 24th.

Remember, its your club so your help would be very much appreciated in putting forward your views.      




Published Wednesday 15th March 2023