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Card payment preferred

The Chair explains ...

At the recent “Share with the Chair” event, Sophie Purves explained to those supporters who attended how difficult it is for the Club to manage cash payments.

She explained that it costs the Club £1.50 in bank charges for every £100 the Club pays into the bank and it usually takes around four to five hours to physically count the cash taken on the turnstiles, bars and kiosks after every game.

With this in mind, the Club is putting up signs around the ground before the weekend saying, “Card payments are preferred.”

Chair, Sophie Purves said, “It’s a huge help to the Club for supporters to pay by card where possible at Tonbridge Angels. Not only is it cheaper for the Club to manage card payments, but it speeds up transactions and helps to reduce queues, especially as we look towards two busy games against Dartford and Maidstone. The physical counting of cash and depositing the cash at the bank is also time consuming for staff and volunteers.”

 Sophie added, “We, of course, accept cash payments and the feedback from supporters at the event was that this option should continue as it is important for some fans. However, we just want to communicate openly the challenges of cash and make supporters aware that card payments really are preferred and are more beneficial to the club.”

Published Thursday 14th December 2023