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Christian Eriksen

Tonbridge Angels FC Badge

A Message from Tonbridge Angels with Update

This evening (12 June) all our thoughts and prayers are very much with Christian, his family, friends and the Danish team as we hope that he will pull through this very concerning event.

We at Tonbridge Angels have experienced the devastating effects of Cardiac Risk in the Young and can relate to the extremely worrying time that all close to Christian are going through at the moment. 

Football takes a back seat at this time as we all hope for a positive outcome for Christian.

Update (Sunday June 13th): We are very pleased to report that bulletins from Copenhagen overnight confirm that Christian continues to make good progress and was able to talk to some of the Danish players yesterday evening.  As one Danish newspaper put it “A football match was lost, but a life was saved”.

Published Saturday 12th June 2021 (last updated Sunday 13th June 2021)