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Closer ties between Tonbridge Angels and Tonbridge Baptist Church

Dave Netherstreet, Chairman Tonbridge Angels and Neil Durling, Lead Minister Tonbridge Baptist Church and Club Chaplain, Sponsorship January 2020.

Chairman thanks Church for ‘wholehearted generosity’

Tonbridge Baptist Church and Tonbridge Angels Football Club have joined forces in a partnership that will assist in strengthening both organisations ties with the local community.

The partnership that will run for 18 months will see a much greater visual presence for the Church at the Angels headquarters just a few steps down the hill on Darenth Avenue.   As well as featuring on the clubs print and digital platforms the Church will be making greater use of the facilities at Longmead for events and meetings that it needs to run as well as enjoying the hospitality that the club can offer.

In return the Baptist Church will be helping to finance the life of the club not least the upkeep of the pitch itself, the very centre piece of the club and on which many dramatic and exciting moments have taken place over the past 40 years.

Angels Chairman, Dave Netherstreet said :

 “I’m very pleased that as near neighbours our two organisations have come together on a more formal basis. Of course we have known Neil Durling for a number of years as Club Chaplain and value all the fine work he has performed with our people. I look forward to working with Tonbridge Baptist Church over the next 18 months and thank them for their wholehearted generosity.”

Neil Durling, Lead Minister of Tonbridge Baptist Church said :

“As a church we are delighted to receive this anonymous gift and astounded by the generosity of the giver. It is no secret that we, Tonbridge Baptist Church, highly value our community partnership with Tonbridge Angels; a partnership which has been seen in community events such as the Sunday Fundays, one of the largest community events in Tonbridge in the last decade, through to discrete support of individuals. All this in addition to the privilege of being chaplain to my local club for the past 7 seasons.

This gift means that in partnership we are able to do more of the same and explore different examples of working together. We are excited by the possibilities that 2020 holds and this gift represents.”


Published Monday 27th January 2020