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Club Statement

Club Statement - Pyrotechnic Reminder

Tonbridge Angels reminds all our fans and visiting fans that it is a criminal offence to bring pyrotechnics – including flares, smoke bombs, and fireworks – into football stadiums. Anyone found to have carried pyrotechnics into Longmead will face immediate ejection from the ground.

Pyrotechnics create a serious risk of serious injury, and can easily cause horrendous damage to people's hands, hearing, lungs and eyes, particularly when used in crowded spaces. They are also a major fire hazard and can cause significant damage to a 3G pitch, that is expensive to repair. Matches can be abandoned as a result of their use.  

 So please respect the safety of others, and do not bring them to the ground. Help us ensure that Longmead continues to be a safe place to enjoy great football.  Our message is clear – Pyrotechnics put people at risk and are not welcome in our stadium.

 Thank you.

 TAFC Directors

Published Wednesday 20th December 2023