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Comings and Goings

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Well its all Goings at the moment but that's normal in a pre-season says McKimm

We've all seen announcments recently concerning players who will not be returning to the Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium for the 2021/22 campaign but it is not a cause for concern says Angels Boss, Steve McKimm.

"During any pre-season or close season call it what you will, there are those players who are released and those who for various other reasons want to leave.  I would have kept both Khale and Jack but they wished to go and I would'nt stand in their way. What seems a little unusual this time around is that because of the disruption of last season it's all happening quite a bit earlier than normal, we would normally still be very much in the throes of the campaign right now.    I knew D'Sean would be leaving quite a while ago and those others who won't be around have been released which is probably the most difficult part of a managers job.  However, inevitably squads move on and evolve and I've been having to do that pretty much ever since I arrived here." 

McKimm continued : "I can say that I'm in talks with the rest of the squad right now with regard to next season and of course recruiting as appropriate is very much at the forefront of both Barry's and my mind right now but we never rush into decisions as it requires careful thought and evaluation."                  

Published Thursday 8th April 2021