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Fair Game welcomes EFL’s decision to call for Independent Regulator

Fair Game

‘Massive news for football’ - Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game

Fair Game has welcomed the news that the EFL has finally decided to back an independent football regulator.

Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game, said: “This is massive news. Fair Game has always called for a regulator to oversee football.

“But the good news does not stop there. The EFL has also reiterated its support for our calls for an end to parachute payments and a rise in the contribution the Premier League gives to the rest of the game. Both are key points in our manifesto and would be transformational to our national game.

“The momentum to change football has become unstoppable. It is now over to the Government to move fast and legislate.

“Fair Game is calling on politicians of all colours to publicly support these calls and make a real long-lasting difference to the game we love.”

Fair Game is a group of 31-value driven football clubs, backed by over 40 world-renowned experts developing long-lasting and realistic solutions to the problems our national game faces.

Published Friday 19th November 2021