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Food and drink changes within the Stadium


Exciting changes at the Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium

The board, along with the General Manager David Cooke, have been in discussion regarding making sure we are as efficient as possible with regards to the food and drink we bring in and sell to the public. We need to make sure our products are of good quality, but at a sensible price.

The cost of living has affected us all a great deal post Covid and as costs continue to rise in all areas, it is up to us to make sure we keep our pricing affordable, as well as providing good quality food and drink. 

Supporters will already have seen some changes at the club with regards to food and drink in the stadium. We have removed Heineken, Strongbow and Strongbow Dark Fruits from the taps in both bars and have replaced them with a new mid-range beer called Cruzcampo at 4.4% similar to Madri. We have also changed our Cider option to Inches at 4.5%. We believe this is a better-quality cider for the same price as Strongbow.

In the Marquee, we now have a Moretti Only Express Lane. Moretti is the most popular alcoholic product at the football club and now fans will be able to get a pint faster in the Marquee before, during and after each fixture. Please note this lane is located at the end of the Bar in the Marquee and will only serve pints of Moretti. Other products are still available in the Marquee in the normal queuing lanes.

We have simplified the menus to make ordering more efficient and to reduce waste. 

Finally, we made the decision to change the type of burger patties we sell in order to give supporters the best quality at the best price.

We hope our supporters understand the changes made and look forward to hearing your thoughts which you can make to the General Manager at david.cooke@tonbridgeangels.co.uk

Published Thursday 5th October 2023