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Food, Glorious Food !

Catering at Longmead December 2019

and pints are important too as club ups its food and drink offering

Our match day attendances are increasing which of course is great news;  it means more money for the club, and a better atmosphere within the ground.  However, on the back of that its essential that we ensure that the experience for supporters doesn't suffer in any way. 

It has been clearly evident in recent weeks that the queues at the Tea Shack have become unacceptably long and we have to improve on this.  For the Dartford match (Saturday 29th January) we are therefore re-opening the Tea Bar situated near The Main Stand and there will also be an outside 'Pop Up' bar near to the main Club House (The Longmead Lounge).  Red Zones are no longer in operation which means that access to the Main Stand can either be via either the South or North Stands and that therefore allows us to have the Tea Bar in operation. If you just require tea, coffee or cold food then the Tea Bar offers a viable alternative.  

Looking towards the Bromley FA Trophy match, in addition to the aforementioned arrangements, we will have a further catering outlet open together with the Marquee Bar in operation.  

Our catering and hospitality offer is incredibly important to us and we aim to constantly review all the arrangements based on attendance forecasts and suggestions from supporters.  Please get  in touch with marquee@tonbridgeangels.co.uk if you have any thoughts on the type of food you would like to see at The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium.  Remember, it's your club.                         

Published Friday 28th January 2022