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Footwear reminder

Please see our footwear guide which indicates permitted footwear at Longmead

A reminder for those that use the pitch at Longmead. 

Wearing the right footwear lowers risk of injury and protects our pitch! Please see our guide to know what you can and can't wear.

All players, staff and officials must comply with our 3G pitch rules:

1 - Only wear the permitted footwear.

2 - Ensure your boots are clean before entering the pitch.

3 - Do not smoke or vape on or near the pitch.

4 - Ensure you vacate the pitch at your booked out time.

5 - Clear all your drink bottles and rubbish before leaving the pitch.

6 - Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in this stadium.

7 - Do not leave tape on the pitch.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Published Tuesday 18th July 2023