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Funeral Arrangements for Peter Brown

Peter Brown

You can share your memories of Peter

The funeral for Peter Brown took place at 2:30pm on Friday, 16th April at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium with a number of mourners attending outside.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the funeral was by invitation only, however the service will be available to watch via webcast. If anybody would like the details please contact Amy Weaver at amylou.weaver@gmail.com

Also a number of friends gathered at the junction of Ringden Avenue and Maidstone Road by St Andrew's Church in Paddock Wood as the funeral cortege passed by. 

An online book of condolence has been opened for anyone wishing to share their memories of Peter together with the opportunity to make a donation to Hospice in the Weald. This can be found here: book of condolence


Published Thursday 15th April 2021 (last updated Friday 16th April 2021)