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G. Baker Roofing to the rescue

Glen Baker Roofing , June 2020

Exec Lounge and Boardroom now fit for purpose

Here is a very belated but nonetheless huge vote of thanks from me Chair, Dave Netherstreet and the whole of Tonbridge Angels for the work that G Baker Roofing carried out to repair the roof of the Executive Lounge, Boardroom and Kitchen so that the building is now entirely fit for purpose.

Last season, Glen Baker himself attended one of our Pre-Match Supporters lunches in the Marquee and happened to notice that the roof of the Executive Lounge was in a poor state of repair resulting in frequent leakages after heavy rain that  temporary repairs could only partially rectify. 

He subsequently spoke to his suppliers, Cooks Scaffolding and BMI Group and persuaded them that the community status of the club was a sound reason for supplying materials free of charge.  Glen provided the labour to carry out the work itself with the result that we now have a fully insulated and water tight roof with no fear that occupants might get a soaking or worse still permanent damage might result to the building. 

We are indebted to Glen, his team and suppliers for their magnificent gesture and in return we hope to see them as our guests at a home match in the foreseeable future.  Of course should you need a firm to carry out commercial roof repairs can I strongly suggest that you check out http://www.gbakerroofing.co.uk/ who come highly recommended and who are based locally.  You can visit their website by clicking on the link in the previous sentence. 

Published Saturday 20th June 2020 (last updated Monday 22nd June 2020)