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Help our local NHS Hospital

NHS Coronavirus March 2020

Tunbridge Wells Hospital ICU needs £30,000 to fight Coronavirus

The club all too often has had cause to be very grateful to Tunbridge Wells Hospital as a result of player injury or a medical emergency involving a match day spectator.  Now it needs all our help with a just giving campaign organised by Caroline May.  Below is her appeal including the link to the Just Giving page that includes more details on exactly why the money is needed and how it will be used.  Last Christmas our players enjoyed a visit to the children's ward where they gave out presents to the lucky patients.              

***This is a 'reverse 999' campaign, asking you to give £9.99 to help raise £30,000 ASAP for our Tunbridge Wells Hospital ICU.***


It is ring fenced solely for the ICU priority needs and wants to tackle Coronavirus. It's going to hit the front line and make a difference where it matters most.

£15,000 raised by 500 donors in 5 days - we've hit 50% of the target! 

Please share the Just Giving link far & wide and let's bring the community together to support our local hospital ICU.

Click the link. Hit donate. Type in £9.99 and leave a lovely message of support & appreciation for the ICU team.

Many thanks,


Published Wednesday 15th April 2020