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How to end Season 2019/20

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The club's position

While we continue to wait for a decision on how the National League(NL) would want to conclude the 2019/20 campaign, given that no more league games will be played, supporters may wish to understand our response to the consultation carried out by NL in April. 

This was the basis of a letter sent by Chair, Dave Netherstreet to the NL at the end of April.  .   

a) The club want to see the current league season to end with immediate effect.

b) Confirmation that there is to be no relegation from either the North or South Leagues due to the abandonment of the leagues below

c) The club's view is that points need to be allocated for games that will not be played to adjudge the final league placings, the easiest, though maybe not the fairest, method is average points per game.

d) The club is unable to comment on whether or not play offs should take place or if there is to be relegation from the NL as it is felt that those club's with the opportunity to participate in the play offs will need to make their own decisions based on the financial implications and impact on their club. 

e) TAFC will be unable to host or to play any more games to complete the season as it has no income at the present moment and would not be able to play behind closed doors even with the Government's Furlough scheme in operation. Any proposal to play games would put the club's future at risk.

f) The Furlough scheme still requires the club to find the PAYE and NI contributions which puts extra strain on what is already a financial nightmare.

Published Tuesday 12th May 2020