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Incident at Maidstone United vs Angels fixture 01.01.20.

Tonbridge Angels FC Badge

TAFC Board totally condemns throwing of a smoke bomb onto the pitch

The Board of TAFC totally condemns the action of a spectator in the Tonbridge section of the crowd who threw a smoke bomb onto the pitch at yesterday's (Maidstone Utd vs Tonbridge Angels, 01.01.20) game at the Gallagher Stadium.

The person concerned was identified on cctv cameras which were monitoring the crowd and will be formally dealt with by the authorities. This person will not be allowed entry into any future TAFC home games.

The bringing of any pyrotechnic into a football ground is prohibited, and this includes smoke bombs. Anyone found with such an item on them will not be allowed entry into the ground. The Board reserves the right to refuse entry into any game played at The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium.

The vast majority of our loyal supporters will of course appreciate that such action can harm our football club both financially and reputationally. 

Anyone unclear as to our ground regulations can either click here or refer to page 3 of any of our matchday programmes.

Published Thursday 2nd January 2020