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iTrust Assurance on board with Angels

iTrust Assurance February 2023

Have a concern about your club? Report it anonymously

Tonbridge Angels is delighted to announce a partnership with iTrust Assurance a company that provides whistleblowing, anonymous reporting and feedback solutions.  

So what does that mean for Angels fans?  Around the Stadium there will be there will be ”Speak Up” posters that will feature a QR code.  Scan the code with a smart phone and the user will be taken to a platform where they can anonymously give feedback on any issues of concern.  This can be used for such things as anti-social behaviour, racism, sexism, homophobia, vandalism and whilst Tonbridge Angels might say occurrences of these types of things are rare it would be presumptuous of the club to assume they could never happen.    What is clear is going forward they should never happen and need to be eradicated should they occur.   

It is of course no coincidence that we are announcing this partnership on a day when we are hosting Football is for Everyone Day which is promoting and celebrating inclusivity in football.   The Trans and LGQBT communities will be represented along with young people and those who suffer with disabilities with various matches through the morning and early afternoon before the 1st team plays Worthing at 3:00pm.    

Ross Bennett, Tonbridge Angels General Manager said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome iTrust Assurance as a corporate partner. Since first chatting with CEO Nick Inge back in the summer, it’s been clear that the values of iTrust match those of TAFC very neatly. We want to make sure that every single person who visits our site feels comfortable and welcome, and iTrust’s reporting solution enables direct, anonymous communication with the club. This partnership solidifies our commitment to ensuring that TAFC is a welcoming, responsible club, and I would encourage all fans and visitors to report any concerns, big or small, by scanning the QR codes on the posters around the stadium.”

Published Saturday 4th February 2023