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Jay’s Friday Briefing

Jay Saunders June 2022

“We’re not in bad form ourselves” - Jay

Tonbridge's task at Dartford tomorrow is to prevent them gaining a sixth straight win of the season.  

However in his Friday briefing Jay Saunders pointed out we are in good form ourselves, and Dartford's good run shouldn't mean the game should be regarded that differently to any other:

He said: "Every game is hard.  It's a derby which always makes it a little bit harder.  We saw with the Dover game it's a game where you've got to be willing to give 100%, and if you do you stand a chance.  Dartford is always a difficult place to go, it's always a tough game, we treat them all the same, we've given the boys as much information as we can and go with a gameplan which we hope will work.

"Dartford have done well.  It's not easy to win five in a row in this league.  I've known Dows (Alan Dowson) a long time, I've seen a few things he's said about getting back to basics, and it's obviously worked.  But we've won three, drawn one and lost one of our last five, so we're not in bad form ourselves, and coming back last week means we don't go into the game on the back of a defeat.  It's a good ground to go to play at but it's also a tough ground."

Looking at the team news, things are starting to improve by the game:

"We're pretty much the same as last week.  Tommie Fagg and Lewis Gard who came off last week look to have come through training.  There are one or two who we'll make a decision on before the game, they'll probably have a fitness test to see how they get on, hopefully they'll come through that."

Published Friday 14th October 2022