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Jay's Friday Briefing

Jay Saunders by David Couldridge 2022-23

"We've got good options, more are coming back every day"

After perhaps one of the strongest performances of the season against Chelmsford, this weekend it's the longest trip of the whole campaign against Taunton.

Jay Saunders hopes history repeats itself from the last long trip back in early August.

He said:  "It's been a while since we've done a long trip, it was Weymouth on the first day of the season and we got a good result there.  We'll just got to prepare right, and do the best we can for the players.  The rest is up to them.

"Taunton are very hard working, they've been unlucky in some of their games, they're a team very much together, honest, and they'll do well this season.  Every manager I see interviewed says the same, there are no easy games and that's certainly the case Saturday."

After doing so well on Tuesday night, we asked Jay how he ensures the players give the same level of performance on Saturday:

"All we can is prepare the players as best we can.  Thursday had to be a light session.  We've got good options, more are coming back every day, we have the option of freshening things up, we'll look at changing it when we need to and if we need to do that tomorrow we will, but the lads who have been playing have been playing well.  Competition will bring consistency, if players aren't doing well they have a good chance of losing their shirt.

"Ben Swift featured the other night which was a bonus, Tom Parkinson has been given the all clear and has had a couple of training sessions so it's good to have him involved.  Jamie Fielding has also been given the all clear, it could be a bit soon for him, he needs a couple more training sessions, but Faggy and James Taylor I expect to miss out. " 

Picture: David Couldridge

Published Friday 28th October 2022