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Jeff Stelling Sportsman’s Dinner cancelled

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Ticket sales not up to expectations

The Jeff Stelling Sportsman’s Dinner due to be held on 28th November has regrettably had to be cancelled as the attendance so far confirmed is unlikely to cover the overall costs of the event.

We are aware that a number of people connected with the club who might have patronised the evening are not available at this time of year added to which with Christmas fast approaching there are competing demands on people’s time and wallets.

For those who have purchased tickets please see Sarah Parks for a refund.

Finally, please accept our apology for this short notice postponement, but we are sure you will all understand that the club cannot afford to take a financial risk.

The club will continue to explore and plan for similar social events as it is fully appreciated that many of you enjoy and are prepared to support such occasions.

Published Friday 22nd November 2019