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Local Children’s Charity visits Longmead

Phoenix Autism Centre Tonbridge (PACT) enjoy time with local football club

A football ground may not be considered the best environment for young people who suffer from Autism with naturally enough lots of noise being generated and supporters getting excited in a good natured way. However it has to be remembered that these children often love football and would love the chance to be involved in some way.

The Angels have forged a link with The Phoenix Autism Centre Tonbridge (PACT) with the aim of providing that link. Children, families and teachers from PACT were guests of honour at the last home against Harlow Town with some of the children leading out the two teams. Afterwards, the party were able to watch the match in the relative calm of the Sponsors Lounge which has a private deck overlooking the pitch.

PACT messaged the club afterwards with ‘A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported PACT at the Tonbridge Angels FC Match this afternoon! We collected an amazing £173.04!! Thank you so much for your generosity and special thanks to all the players and supporters for making our children and their families feel so welcome! Well done to Tonbridge Angels on your 3-1 win!!!’

Amy Weaver, Angels Director for Community Affairs who set up the afternoon responded :
"Absolute pleasure to have you all as our guests today. Hopefully some of the children can come and watch the team training in the evening in the summer, especially those who were unable to come to the game."

Published Thursday 4th April 2019 (last updated Monday 8th April 2019)