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Mental Health and Wellbeing Insight Event

Head in the Game

Head In The Game to host event

Head In The Game is a UK registered charity that offers the invaluable opportunity for people in the local community to unite and indulge in the sport they love.

They will be hosting a free Mental Health and Wellbeing Insight at the Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium on Monday, 16th October at 12.30pm until 2pm.

This event is open for coaches, football clubs, community groups and organisations to attend providing  a valuable opportunity to enhance their understanding of integrating the Head In The Game concept into their existing football sessions or crafting a bespoke programme for their club or organisation.

The Insight Event will encompass a blend of engaging presentations highlighting current sessions. Additionally attendees will have the opportunity to personally experience the sessions through live demonstrations, providing a full understanding of our programme mechanics. Bring your boots and get involved!

Please, in the first instance, register you interest with rebecca.newton@tonbridgeangels.co.uk

Published Thursday 21st September 2023