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National League confirms all remaining league fixtures to be cancelled

National League

Options concerning the outcomes for the 2019/20 season remain 'under careful and timely consideration'

The National League has this afternoon (22nd April 2020) confirmed following a vote of its member clubs that the playing season for all its fixtures up to and including 25 April 2020 has ended.  

The League reports that with 90% of responses received from clubs there was a clear majority in favour of the ordinary resolution to end the season.  Although some responses from clubs are still to be received these will not change the outcome.  

National League Chief Executive Officer, Michael Tattersall, commented, "At a time when the entire country is wrestling with the devastating impact of Covid-19, the cancellation of the remaining normal season matches brings a degree of certainty to our Clubs coping with the business implications of the virus."      

The options concerning the sporting outcomes of the 2019/20 season remain under careful and timely consideration, with the National League saying further updates will be given in due course.    

To read the full National League statement please click here.     

The Angels last league fixture of 2019/20 was a 3-3 draw away at Concord Rangers on 14th March.  Please click here for report, lineup and reaction to that game. 

Published Wednesday 22nd April 2020 (last updated Thursday 23rd April 2020)