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No smoking or vaping at The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium apart from one designated area

A timely reminder from your Board of Directors

The installation of a 3G pitch is a major investment for the club and the Board and Stadium Manager are implementing the new ground rule as below:- 


Smoking and Vaping

At most stadiums with a 3G pitch smoking and vaping is not permitted. At Longmead neither will be permitted around the ground and the only areas where smoking and vaping will be allowed are adjacent to the Marquee and The Angels Sports Bar.  Please see link below to diagram of the Stadium that shows exactly where these are placed.  Smoking and vaping will not be permitted in any other area.


We also want to take the opportunity to re-emphasise the following:-

Pitch invasions

Pitch invasions are illegal under the law and any person who does invade the pitch will be prosecuted and will be banned from the ground.

Flares and smoke bombs

Pyrotechnics are illegal and are banned from all football grounds.   There will be bag as well as personal searches prior to entry into the ground.  Any pyrotechnics found will be confiscated and the person who has them will not be allowed into the ground and will be banned from the ground as well as being reported to the police. If a person does throw a pyrotechnic device the person found responsible will be prosecuted and banned from the ground.

Please click here to read the full list of Ground Regulations.  

Please click here for diagram of The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium. 


Published Tuesday 16th August 2022 (last updated Saturday 20th August 2022)