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Sponsor your favourite Angels player

Tom Derry receives congratulations after scoring for Angeks (1) vs Farnborough (0) FA Cup 2nd Q Rd 03.10.20.

Your name will be featured in the seasons on line match day programmes

Show your appreciation for your favourite Angels 1st team player by sponsoring him for this season.  You can now do this by going to our ticket selling portal and following the step by step instructions.  

Your £50 not only recognises the player but of course is also helping the club’s finances. Thank you for your support.  

Just click or tap here to be taken straight to our on line ticket selling page where you will see the 1st team squad, manager and coaches together with a couple of past ‘Longmead Legends’.  Make sure you don’t miss out on supporting your favourite player as sponsorships are already being secured. 

Published Sunday 4th October 2020