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Steve’s Thursday Evening Briefing

Steve McKimm 15.01.22.

New Wings visit Longmead

Steve McKimm is not being put off by the uncertainty over Welling's line up for Saturday's huge game at Longmead.  New Wings boss Warren Feeney has signed almost a whole new side since taking over from Peter Taylor a couple of weeks ago, and has suggested he has also signed players he is yet to announce, but Steve is more concerned by his own squad:

"You've got 11 by 11. Yes of course you'd like to know who the players are and what they bring to the table for Welling but you turn up on Saturday, you prepare how you need to prepare, and we'll take into account what they do when their team sheet is named. They're holding their cards close to their chest but that's their prerogative."

"This one is worth three points and the game after that is worth 3 points, and until the last game of the season and there are no points to play for, you know where you're at. We've got to try and get what we can."

Steve was also about to go into a training session with every player playing a full part:
"At the moment we've got 18 training tonight and hopefully will have them to choose from but you got to think ahead. It's six games in, I think, sixteen days, that's a lot of football, not a lot of rest and the whole eighteen will be needed."

Steve also praised Crystal Palace loan signing James Taylor, the latest in a long line of successful loan signings he has made.

He said: "James did very well and he was humble in his interview saying it didn't mean anything because we didn't get the result, and that's the mark of the lad. You'll get other players who say yes good to get goals and I'm happy but he wasn't happy even though he scored. That shows it's not about him as the individual, it's about the team. He's done remarkably since he's come in, and long may that continue.

"We do our homework on loan players, we don't just get them in for the sake of it.  We watch them not just once, perhaps two or three times and we make sure it fits what we do.  We get background from my contacts at the clubs, how they'll fit in, whether they are shy or outgoing and we tend to pick the right ones, if they're not then they don't last long.  With the majority of the Wimbledon ones they went back and played in their first team."

Published Thursday 31st March 2022