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Taking The Knee

The FA

Clubs will liaise with each other and match officials in advance to agree arrangements

For the information of Angels Owners and Supporters please see the statement below received from the Football Association via the National League.

“The Alliance Leagues applaud the decision taken by the Premier League and EFL to collectively support all players, managers and individuals who wish to take the knee ahead of matches this season. Taking the knee is an individual choice that many players wish to make as a way of peacefully demonstrating against racism, discrimination and injustice. Consequently, the Alliance Leagues have no objection to players, match officials and technical area occupants taking the knee at their discretion. Home and away clubs that wish to do so must notify their opponents and match officials as part of the match confirmation process, and if players from one club do wish to take a knee their opponents are under no obligation to do likewise.”


Published Saturday 7th August 2021