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Volunteers Day

Volunteer Days July 2022

24th July

Much work is of course going on currently with the installation of the new 3G pitch, floodlights and perimeter fencing but that still leaves a significant array of tasks to be carried out around the stadium in general to ensure that the facilities meet the needs of players and supporters alike and that watching and playing football at the Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium will be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

With two Volunteers Days already gone, and a huge thank you to those who attended, there is to be one more day on Sunday 24th July running from from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  For all those hard workers there will two FREE drinks in The Marquee together with complimentary food. 

Jobs include general labouring such as moving and fixing signs, painting, jet washing , and attending to the various grass areas around the stadium.  Tools and other materials will be provided but if you can bring the odd paint brush that would be great. 

Please let Pete Elves know if you are able to come by emailing him on Peter.elves@tonbridgeangels.co.uk so that appropriate catering etc can be arranged..

Any help that you can give your club would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Here follows a complete list of all the jobs that need doing:-

General Labouring

Clear all metal and put by gate for Canham lorry to collect

Hang Marquee panels at end of pitch to cover up old fence and jet wash

Sweep up trough at front of Main Stand 

Get out all signs , that are to go on  pitch fence, check , measure and clean ready to be erected later

Move the goals that are in the South Stand

Jet Washing

Directors Box

South Stand

Main Stand including seats

All concrete through whole site


Gents toilets to terrace bar to include tile paint

Toilet block by North Stand externally

North Stand steps yellow, rails and posts blue

Main stand steps and floor hatching yellow , rails and posts blue

Tea shed next to Main Stand re-stain

South Stand steps yellow , rails and post blue

Re-stain Tower, Alsford Shed and terrace bar

Repaint externally all buildings from Terrace Bar to Portakabin by top gate 

Directors box complete 


Seed or turf brown patches where pitch covers have been left

Seed or turf all areas that are soil at present

Erect metal hoarding either side of Main Stand supplied by Canham

Topsoils and seed or turf next to new footpath areas where raised.  Note if seed hasn’t taken then turf so so presentation for opening is at its best 

General Building

Erect signs to new pitch fence

Jet wash roof on South Stand

Replace Perspex roof to Directors box


Gate between bund/pitch to Marquee area

Close of access to to rear of disabled block next to South Stand


All tea and food sheds plus Tower internally

All buildings internally whole site

All windows inside and out whole site 

Published Monday 4th July 2022 (last updated Sunday 24th July 2022)