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Your Angels Owners Committee

Owners Committee June 2022

Here for You

The Angels Owners Committee is still very much in operation and is here to help all supporters.  If you have a comment on any aspect of how the club is run whether that be good or bad, then all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

The Committee pledges to take forward comments and advise the outcome.  

The Committee is currently formed of Kathryn Bell, Debbie Couldridge (Chair), Andy Matthews, and Wink Tomkinson.  You can contact them by emailing ownerscommittee@tonbridgeangels.co.uk , posting your comment into the box positioned on the media tower, or seeing any of the committee at 1st team home games.

Remember, it’s your club so let your voice be heard and together we can all drive The Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium, and what it stands for,  into a round of continual improvement.   

Picture : Ross Bennett.  From l to r , Wink Tomkinson, Kathryn Bell, Debbie Couldridge, Andy Matthews             


Published Thursday 23rd June 2022