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Ticketco logo August 2020

Competitive football played in front of supporters is at last coming back to the Halcyon Wealth Longmead Stadium and alongside that an important new development is being launched that will enhance the matchday experience.   

Tonbridge Angels has signed an agreement with TicketCo an international company that provides online ticketing solutions that allows football clubs such as ourselves to organise the marketing of their events end to end and means that supporters will only need to engage with one platform for sales.

 As well as the obvious and immediate benefit of being able to purchase both matchday and season tickets from the comfort of one’s home or from a remote location TicketCo will be the platform to order club merchandise such as replica shirts, and arrange match and player sponsorships. 

 We will shortly launch 2020/21 season ticket sales followed by individual competitive matchday tickets and then a phased rollout of other products as everyone becomes more familiar with how the site works.  In the event that the footballing authorities allow fans into National League grounds for Pre-Season Friendlies then of course the opportunity will be taken to try out the new arrangements. 

Tonbridge Angels director, Ian Clear explains : “The club would have certainly moved to online ticketing within the next two or three years, its simpler and more convenient for supporters and assists hugely the club’s understanding of its commercial position. Also, the National League have issued guidance that ticket sales must be bought online in advance during the current Covid-19 pandemic.  It is likely that under the protocols for getting supporters back into stadiums we will need to at least for certain games be able to have a control over attendances, which this platform will allow us to do.  The huge reduction of coin handling makes for a healthier and safer environment for our supporters and volunteers.  Shorter queues at turnstiles will reduce congestion which of course will be another condition for allowing spectators to attend games.  It is absolutely the right thing to be doing now.  We shall also have to support the NHS in its contact tracing programme in which e-ticketing will assist enormously.   

Ian continues : “I know that some of our supporters, perhaps those who are not quite so familiar with buying online, may be a little concerned at the prospect of using the new technology and with that in mind we are planning some additional support. We will announce details of these nearer the time.   Finally from me I would urge everyone if you can to have a look at the TicketCo website to understand why after a lot of deliberation by the Board and other experts at the club we have gone down this particular route.”


FAQs Updated 19th September

Ticketing FAQ’s

Q. When will the site go live to purchase tickets?

A. We will shortly launch the sale of season tickets for 2020/21.  We do first need to understand the crowd limits that the National League may impose upon us. Pricing will be based on the fact that there is one less home league game. There will however be a modest booking fee some of which the club will absorb into the ticket price.

Q. When will individual matchday tickets go on sale?

A. Generally speaking, tickets will be on sale two weeks before the game to allow plenty of time to buy.

Q. How do I buy tickets?

A. Go to the Tonbridge Angels ticket page: https://www.tonbridgeangels.co.uk/buy-tickets or the TicketCo website https://tonbridgeangelsfc.ticketco.events/uk/en

Q. What can I pay with?

A. Any major debit or credit card.

Q. How is my ticket delivered?

Your ticket can be emailed and then printed, sent as an SMS message to your phone (click on the link within the SMS to show your ticket on your phone) or stored in the TicketCo wallet, which can be downloaded from your app store. You can also buy tickets for future games from within the TicketCo wallet.

Q. Assuming there is still capacity in the stadium, can I buy a ticket online on the day of the match?

A. Yes. Tickets will remain on sale up until 2.45pm on the day of the match but the turnstiles will still close at 3pm. 

Q. I don’t really understand how to use the technology, what can you do to help?

A. Firstly, try and find a family member or trusted friend who can help you buy a ticket online. Also, there will be several open days at the stadium before the season starts, where you can buy tickets in advance in person (dates tbc). Finally, on match days we will be selling tickets for future matches within the ground, probably in the Marquee bar.

Q. How do I redeem the ticket

A. Upon purchase, your e-ticket will be sent to your email address and/or mobile phone, the ticket can be printed at home or stored in your mobile phone wallet. If you don’t have one of these, you can download the TicketCo wallet from your App store. The e-ticket contains a type of barcode called a QR code which is scanned at the turnstile to gain entry. The QR code is valid only once for match entry, apart for season tickets of course.


Q. Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the match?

A. The only refund available is if the match is postponed, or in the event of an abandonment the normal rules will apply. TicketCo can issue a voucher to be redeemed against a rescheduled game.

Q. What if I forget my ticket?

A. Your e-ticket can be retrieved from the TicketCo platform at the turnstile but this will lead to delays for supporters while we search for your e-ticket. So please help everyone by bringing your ticket to the game.

Q. Will it only be possible to purchase tickets through the online process

A. Yes, as far as matchday tickets are concerned it will be the only platform.  The National League has also stated that tickets can’t be sold at the turnstile, so advance purchase is the only option. As mentioned, tickets for future games will be sold in the Marquee for people who struggle with online buying.

Q. Will there be a booking fee?

A. Yes, a small booking fee will apply, this is to cover the platform cost.

Q. Will I be able to buy for other people e.g. my family? 

A. Yes. You’ll be able to purchase up to 6 tickets in one transaction. Be sure to record the details of the people you are buying for, to help with NHS contact tracing if needed.

Q. I’ve bought a ticket for 6 people, do we all have to turn up at turnstile together?

A. Not necessarily but it would help the turnstile team if you did turn up together.

Q. So there is one ticket for 6 people, how does that work?

A. When the ticket is scanned, the turnstile operator will ask you how many tickets you want to redeem. You can redeem all 6 and your party can enter the ground. If you redeem only 4 for example, the remaining two remain in the system ready to be redeemed.

Q. I have family members who are travelling separately, can they still enter the ground if I’ve already redeemed my ticket?

A. Yes. The remaining people in your party must have a copy of the ticket. Using the example above, the remaining 2 people present their copy of the ticket to the turnstile operator and the remaining two tickets are redeemed.

Q. I don’t want to buy online, can I just turn up and pay on the day?

A. Sorry no. The National League have said all ticket purchases must be online and in advance. The club doesn’t want to risk being fined by the league if we ignore this instruction.

Q. If I buy a senior/junior ticket online but can’t come, can I give the ticket to someone else? Can they pay the difference on the gate?

A. No – the National League have stipulated there should be no payments on the gate. Also, the contact tracing information would be incorrect.

Q. I want to protect my privacy so do I have to input my details for contact tracing?

A. Your contact details are needed for ticket delivery, no details = no ticket.

Q. I need to sit in the stands, how do I guarantee a seat?

A. There isn’t a seat booking facility at present, main stand seats will be on a first come, first served basis and social distancing measures will be in place.

Q. Will I still have to pay the £1 transfer to the main stand?

A. No – this has been suspended for the time being to reduce cash handling

Q. I’ve bought some merchandise along with my ticket, how do I collect that?

A. Your QR code will include confirmation of your Merchandise purchase, take it to the club shop where it will be scanned and collect your goods.







Published Tuesday 1st September 2020 (last updated Tuesday 22nd September 2020)